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How Are You Going To Spend $5,840 This Year and Every Year After That?

Once You Stop Smoking, It's All Yours.

Stop Smoking, can be accomplished by gaining a better understanding of how your brain and body react to the smoking and the habit as a behavior.

When we work with smoking, it includes in depth use of N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming in which we explore the client's needs or desires to smoke using a fun and easy interview type process.

Then after we have gained the reasoning and effects of the smoking as an addictive chemical and as a habit, we use Hypnosis to re-imprint the unconscious mind with a new message where smoking is no longer desired.  

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is about $8.00.  When we multiply the average use of 2 packs a day times 365 days we have cost of $5,840.00.  The cost of a stop smoking campaign is a tiny fraction.  So figure out how you're going to spend that extra $5,840.00 you will have lying around every year.

Only a qualified Master Hypnotist can determine the right form of treatment for the relief of smoking cravings, urges and addictions.  The art of hypnosis can provide fast results that you want, for the smoker who is ready to get rid of the old habit and be happier with their life.

Our Stop Smoking Guarantee....

Our commitment to you, we will employ our time tested and proven strategies of NLP and Hypnosis along with visualizations and take home tools for the client to combat the urges and cravings to smoke during the process. After the initial paid for sessions are done, the client is welcome to come back once per month for up to 12 months for follow up and tune ups to keep them on the right path and kick the habit for good.